Do you want to establish a Dutch company?

Entrepreneurs from foreign countries and international companies which are starting new activities in the Netherlands, often establish up a Dutch BV company with help from Intercompany Solutions. Intercompany Solutions is a company which works as an innovative provider of corporate services. In the Netherlands a BV is also the most common type of company structure for establishing a Dutch holding company. Amendments to the Dutch Company Law have made it simpler to incorporate a Netherlands BV, and thereby reducing the cost of a company formation in Holland greatly. Intercompany Solutions provides advice, guidance and information for the setting up of a company or structure abroad. Bjorn Wagemakers is the CEO of Intercompany Solutions and consults with clients on accounting, tax, banking, company incorporation- and corporate services. 

Want to establish a Dutch company?

Have you been thinking about establishing a Dutch company with help from Intercompany Solutions? Don’t Do you want to establish a Dutch company?hesitate! Intercompany Solutions is helping people with setting up a company in the Netherlands for six years now. It also would be a very smart decision of you to establish a Dutch company. There are a lot of benefits of setting up a company overseas, some of those benefits are:

  • The Netherlands has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe: starting form 20%
  • There is also no value added tax (VAT) for transactions between member states of the EU
  • The Dutch offer the largest number of treaties for double tax avoidance worldwide
  • Dutch companies have an amazing and well-known reputation in global (e-)commerce
  • More than 90 percent of the Dutch speak English and often a second foreign language
  • The Netherlands have a highly educated labor force (third in the global top for education level)
  • Holland offers an outstanding and innovative international business atmosphere
  • The country welcomes foreign entrepreneurs and investors by offering a very stable legal and political climate as well as super international relations.

Also, citizens of EU countries can enter the Netherlands freely. This makes it easier for you as an starting entrepreneur to get customers and sell your product within the EU. 

Requirements to set up Dutch BV

To establish a Dutch company with help from Intercompany Solutions, the Dutch limited may have founding members which are (foreign) companies or individuals. The Dutch Company Law allows foreign people to set up a company in the Netherlands. This can be a company with one or more director(s) who might be the shareholders as well. Intercompany Solutions has assisted both small business owners and big companies in the Netherlands. The biggest advantage of a Dutch BV company, as an established Dutch company, is the minimum share capital of one euro. The main requirement to establish a Dutch company is to have a local Netherlands business address. It is also necessary for a Dutch BV to have a corporate bank account. With help from Intercompany Solutions, you can establish a company in the Netherlands within just a view days. The most important documents to open a company in the Netherlands are a rental contract, the Memorandum and Articles of association. The process starts with the plaintiff filing a claim. You can read the rest of the steps and information at the website from Intercompany Solutions.